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    I have a dream. A ‘small’ dream. A dream that I can devote my life to. My dream is: That everyone on Earth experiences the power of a ‘Carlos-moment’.

    A Carlos-moment is at first sight a small gesture, but at a second glance can mean a lot for someone else. It's those little moments that can really make a difference. I've named these moments after a Portuguese nurse who cared for me in the intensive care unit after my serious diving accident. When he placed his hand on my shoulder during one of my frequent panic attacks he changed my life. He didn’t even realize then that this simple gesture had such an impact on me. His hand on my shoulder gave me the feeling of being seen and that someone understood me.

  • Carlos-moments are everywhere

    I decided to look for these moments in everyday life. And they really are everywhere: at the bakery, on the street, in a restaurant, at home and at work. Sometimes they are life altering in terms of impact. Other times they ‘only’ result in an unexpectedly warm smile on the face of the other. And a smile on your own face. Because it is a gesture that costs you almost no effort to give. It comes naturally. Just something small that exceeds all expectations whether professional or personal. That one thing which you can tell enthusiastically at the dinner table or at a party or sometimes even years later.

  • Yes, I can make a difference by doing small things!

    After my diving accident I didn’t only start to see all the Carlos-moment but I began to share and celebrate them. Not only in my own life but also during hundreds of business presentations. And the beauty of it is, A Carlos-moment touches everyone who hears of them. Lots of people have already started sharing their own Carlos-moments with others. It doesn’t take a lot of time, but you’ll need to change your focus and take them in for all they are. In that great, immense rapidly changing outside world, the impact of one person sometimes feels very small. Who am I in this immense world, organization or group of people? Who am I to make a difference? The biggest change in my life came when I accepted: "Yes, I can do small things. And small things matter" And when those small things are important, then you suddenly have your life back under control.

  • In everyone there is a Carlos

    Being the change. Having an effect on others lives. Adding big value with a small act from the heart. And above all doing beautiful things. I believe there is a Carlos in everyone and everyone in his or her own way can do something nice for an other.

    And it's funny, what you give comes back to you in more ways than you can imagine.

  • A Free mini-book for you

    To inspire more people with the touching Carlos-moments, I've written a free E-book. Totally free? Yes, absolutely free. Because I believe that if more people start to look honestly at what beautiful things they can do with little gestures, we can really change the world together. Or at least your own world.

    Good luck and enjoy!