• About Jaap

  • Jaap Bressers (1983) has since childhood only one goal: to make the most out of life. At first he does this by working as hard as possible in order to achieve his dream: after his University degree in International Management becoming a high ranking manager. At the age of 21 everything changes. An afternoon swim in the ocean turns into a high spinal cord injury. After a heavy physical rehabilitation period, Jaap decides to give his life a completely different twist.

  • The power of little things

    Today Jaap mainly performs for businesses. Although Jaap has been through a lot, he has also learned a lot. These life lessons he shares with his audience. He connects compelling and personal stories to challenges in organizations and knows, like no other, how to touch people’s hearts and entertain. A unique mix of content, inspiration and humor all with exactly the right timing. The connecting thread through it all is Jaap’s message about the power of little things. How can you make a difference for yourself and for your client? Just how big this power of little things is Jaap discovered thanks to Carlos, the Portuguese nurse who with one small gesture gave Jaap back the sense of strength to never give up. It’s no wonder that these days ‘Carlos-moments’ are an understanding for anyone and everyone who has seen Jaap on stage.

  • The Smile Test

    Jaap shows you how you can make the difference in your own way and that you definitely don’t need to work hard(er) to do this. Put the smile test to work: do you smile when you think of what you do for a living? When you smile while thinking about your profession are you able to deliver the most value and able to make a change. Break the famous pattern of "We always do it this way." Because by continuing to follow the same routine, there is no space to look at how you can add value in a very easy way. Dare to be different or do things differently. Not because the way of the past was wrong, but maybe because in present time this new way might be better or has more added value.

    Jaap speaks on the following topics during his presentations:

    • Dealing with change: from setbacks to success
    • Adding value: making a difference
    • Leadership: moving away from control and towards trust
    • Health Care: a more personal approach and less patient approach
    • Motivation and Inspiration: tapping into your talents and full potential
    • Corporate Social Responsibility: the human way
  • Experience Jaap!

    Each presentation by Jaap is custom made. Not with the aim to discuss the substance of the profession, because the people in the audience know that better than Jaap. But to demonstrate what challenges and opportunities lie ahead and how to connect to them by using personal experiences. This changes every one of Jaaps performances into a real ‘life’ experience.

    Jaap is the author of one of the best-sold management books in the Netherlands.

    "Where there's a wheel, there's a way!"

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  • Reinventing new talents

    Even though he may be sitting in a wheelchair this doesn’t stop him, he is still Jaap. After his first encounter with being on stage in front of an audience Jaap knew where his future was headed. He uses humor as a tool to get his message across. In the period from 2007 till 2013 he was performing as the first Dutch Sit-down Comedian in almost all major theaters in the Netherlands and at festivals such as Lowlands and Laughing Matters. In Belgium, Germany and Denmark he does his shows in English.